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Time Line For Jonathan Gadberry 1805-1880

1805 15 SEPT      Date of birth of Jonathan Gadberry in Kentucky, 
                  presumably Pulaski Co.

1829              Estimated date of marriage of Jonathan to Elizabeth
                  "Betsy" Eller, daughter of George Eller.  
1834 27 SEPT      Obtains 70 acres of land in Casey County from William 
                  Shepherd and his wife Nancy on Sloan's Creek (could be Stone's
                  Creek now) of South Fork of Green River for $200.

1835 or 1836      Betsy Eller Gadberry dies

1836 or 1837      Marries Frances Canaday (Kennedy as it's spelled now) daughter
                  of James Canaday.

1837 20 JAN       Jonathan and Frances Gadberry sell their portion of
                  her land inheritence from James Canaday. Acreage and price not known.

1846 10 SEPT      Had 60 acres surveyed on Sloan's Fork in Casey County KY.

1848 16 MAR       Had 100 acres surveyed in Casey County KY.  Exact location not recorded.

1864  2 MAR       Frances Canaday Gadberry dies.

1866  4 MAR       Marries Samantha Rainwater.

1880              Still living in 1880 when the census was taken.  Approximately 
                  75 years of age at the time.  (No death date is known because there is no 1890 census.)


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