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About Some Kentucky Gadberrys

     According to the 1880 Census of Casey County, Kentucky, Jonathan 
Gadberry ws still living in that area.  The enumerator recorded his 
father was born in Ireland and his mother ws born in Prussia.  John 
Gadberry (b. between 1755 and 1760 in Ireland; m. Christeney Unknown
of Prussia) would appear to be the father of this line.  It is not 
known the exact date of John's voyage to America or whether he traveled
alone.  The earliest record of John is one of Montgomery County, VA, 1782.

      Most of the Gadberrys who came to America seem to have disembarked 
in VA and then moved westward.

      John first entered land on 3 Aug. 1782.  He registered 76 acres in 
Montgomery county, VA.  The documents were sealed by James Monroe, then
Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

       John continued to acquire land over the next several years.  
On 22 Apr. 1795, John had all his parcels of land surveyed.  He now had
490 acres of land, all in Montgomery county.  The grant for this land
was received on 26 May 1801.  The grant states that John's land was 
located on the waters of Connelly's Branch and Plumb Creek, branches of 
New River.

       John then paid $250. to William and Elizabeth Terry for an 
additional 150 acres "on the head of Cedar Branch waters of Elliott's 
Creek waters of the south fork of Roanoak, together with all appurtenances
to said John Gadberry and his heirs."  Indenture mad 1800.

       In July of 1801, John Gadberry sold to Thomas Turner the 490 acres 
of the waters of Connelly's Branch and Plumb Creek for $500.  This was the 
land he had acquired through grants.  Although he had lived on this land 
for about two decades, he sold the entire tract approximately two months
after receiving the grants.

        On 4 May 1802, John Gadberry sold to Wigton King 50 acres "being 
part of a tract of 150 acres lying in Montgomery Co. on head of Cedar
Branch of Elliot's Creek waters of the south fork of Roanoak, land and
appurtenances."  Price: 40 pounds.

        On 8 Sept. 1805, Samuel Gadberry, son of John Gadberry, used his 
Power of Attorney and sold the remaining land that John owned in Montgomery
Co.  This land was purchased by B. Goodrich and Bolling Rogers for $100. 
"current money."  This was the land bought from William Terry five years

        John did not sell this land himself because he had already gone to
Kentucky.  He is first found paying taxes in Lincoln Co. KY on 3 Aug 1804.

        Samuel Gadberry was born circa 1780-1784.  He was probably the first
son of John Gadberry.  Samuel wife may have been Nancy Gadberry, found near
Casey County, KY in 1830.  Samuel is believed to have died approximately 

        The land tax of 1803 places John Gadberry in Lincoln Co. KY.  By 1806, 
John moved to Pulusky Co. KY.  (Puluski Co. was on county carved from Lincoln 
county in 1799.)  The remaining tax lists for 1806, 1807, and 1808 show John on 
Goose Creek in Puluski County.  Goose Creek, however, is found in Casey and 
Russell Counties so John exact location is can not be pinpointed.  It is clear
however that he lived somewhere along the Goose Creek.

        William Gadberry(b. circa 1795 and found in Adair Co.) may have been a son
of John Gadberry.  Jonathan Gadberry (b. 1805 in the Goose Creek area) is assumed
to be the youngest son of John Gadberry.

About Some Kentucky Gadberrys: Christeney Gadberry

Christeney Gadberry was born in Prussia.  Her maiden name is unknown.  Many records refer
to her as Christianna Gadberry.  Christeney lived between twenty and thirty years after 
her husband, John Gadberry passed away.  In 1822 and again in 1838 she obtained land grants 
from the state of Kentucky in her own name.  This was very unusal for a woman of those times.  
Christeney was approximately 50 years of age when she accomplished this task.  Christeney
was born circa 1760-1765 and it is not certain just when she died.  In 1830 she is enumerated 
in the census in her own household. However, in the 1840 census she appears not in her own 
household but in that of Jonathan Gadberry.  This is not unusual because Jonathan was her 
youngest son and as she got older it would have been natural for her to live with him.
Christeney is thought to have been approximately 75 years of age at the time of her death.

Christeney Gadberry obtained 100 acres of land on Turkey creek on 8 May 1822.  She also 
acquired 100 acres on the South Fork of Green and Fishing Creek.  On 12 Sept. 1832,
She gave Andrew Gadberry the 100 acres she owned on Turkey Creek.  The land record which
shows the transfer of this property from "Christena" to Andrew clearly states that Andrew
was her son.  Jonathan Gadberry also acquired 100 acres of land on the South Fork of Green 
and Fishing Creek that Christeney had acquired.

The 1880 census of Casey County discloses that Christeney was born in Prussia.  However, 
where Jonh and Christeney met is not known.  Possibly John traveled from Ireland to 
Germany for a short time before coming to America.  It is also possible that the two
met after arriving in America.

About Some Kentucky Gadberrys: Jonathan Gadberry

Jonathan Gadberry was born about 1805 in the area of Casey, Pulski,
and Russell Counties.  He remained in this area all of his life. 

Jonathan is first found acquiring land in 1834 in Casey Co.  On 
27 Sept. 1834 Jonathan acquired 70 acres fom William K. Shepard and
his wife, Nancy on Sloan's Fork (this may be Stone's Fork) of 
South Fork of Green River for $200.

On 20 Jan. 1837, Frances Gadberry, Jonathan's second wife, inherited
part of her father's land.  They sold it on the same date to Jacob

On 10 Sept. 1846, Jonathan had 60 acres surveyed on Sloan's Fork
in Casey Co.  On 16 Mar. 1848, Jonathan had 100 acres surveyed.  
This 100 acres were also in Casey Co.  No waterway was given for 
this parcel.

Jonathan married three times and had a total of 15 children.

He must have been quite a character.  His first wife, Betsy Eller
Gadberry, died shortly after the birth of Andrew Jackson Gadberry
on 15 April 1835.  When Betsy's father, George Eller died about 1850,
he left instructions in his will that what he was leaving to his 
daughter Betsy was not to go into the hands of Jonathan.

Jonathan's second wife was Frances Canaday (Kennedy,) the daughter of
James Canaday.  Jonathan married Frances in time to come into her
inheritance.  She received one-seventh of her father's estate.  This
of course could have been mere coincidence.

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